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Short Finned Pilot Whales
Short-finned Pilot Whales: Globicephala macrorhynchus  Measurements at Birth- Length-  4’ 7” to 6’ 1” (1.4 m to 1.85 m)   Weight-  82 lb to 185 lb (37 kg to 84 kg) Maximum Measurements- Length-  Male:  17’ 6” to 24’(5.3 m to 7.2 m)/Female: 13’ 6” to 17’ (4.1 m to 5.1 m) Weight-  Unavailable Life Span-  Male:  46 years/Female:  63 years Thick rounded head, no beak/dorsal fin is curved, with a rounded tip Black body with light gray behind dorsal fin, often times hard to see Commonly travels in groups of 5-15 or several hundred When diving, they may raise their tale flukes
Haiti Ocean Project
Platinum Prize Winner