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Haiti Ocean Project
Sponsor - A - Camper
Haiti Ocean Project Sea Camp will give Haitian kids the opportunity to learn about their marine environment and its marine  inhabitants.  Located in the fishing village of Petit Goave our camp will begin in July 2015.   Whether they stay for a weekend, a week or the entire summer, campers will experience outdoor adventures that include whale and dolphin watching, snorkeling  the shallow reefs and canoeing through the mangrove swamps.  With your  help, we can provide more children with the chance to enjoy the fresh sea air, witness the spectacular leaps of the pantropical spotted dolphins, watch the massive sperm whales  swim by and simply have fun! 
Haiti Ocean Project Sea Camp 2015
Yes! I would like to sponsor a camper to attend the Haiti Ocean Project Sea Camp! Donate $100 and a Haitian kid can spend the weekend with us or generously give $500 and send a kid to camp for an entire week. You can donate online at: http://www.haitioceanproject.net/donate.htm For more information, contact: Ms. Jamie Aquino jamieaquino@yahoo.com (954) 439-6458
Thank you for your generosity!         For more information:         www.haitioceanproject.net
I’ve lived near the ocean my  entire life and last year was the  first time I had ever seen a  dolphin.  Thank you Haiti  Ocean Project.” -Mendy Calixte, 16-years-old,  Petite Riviere de Nippes, Haiti 
“The Haiti Ocean Project has  changed my life.  I  am amazed  by the ocean and its inhabitants.”  -Shadrak Boucher, 19-years-old,   Petite Riviere de Nippes, Haiti 
Sea Camp
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